May 18-22

Finals Week! Good luck students.  Finish strong! Finals need to be completed by Wednesday, May 20 at midnight so that grades can be finalized by the end of the week.  Thank you for a great year! [...]

May 4-May 8

Practice review tests are loaded on CK12.  Multiple attempts are allowed so keep practicing!  If there are any areas we need to review, email me and we will set up a Google Meet. [...]

Week of 2/24

Math 3 has started our unit on Transformations.  The class needs to continue to study their notes on the different rigid transformations as we will be referring back to them constantly.  In class [...]

Week of 2/24

Algebra classes will continue our work with Polynomials.  Addition, subtraction, and multiplying as well as factoring quadratics and using the quadratic formula. 3rd Period will be working in [...]

Week of 2/3

We have just completed Unit 6 and will be starting Unit 7. Angle pair relationships, congruency, similar figures, angles formed by parallel lines and transversals.  It will be important to stay [...]

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