Week of April 17

 In 7th Grade, Algebra I

State testing is over!  Other than the make up days which Mrs. Tischer will call in those students who still need to make up a session.

We will have two weeks of regular classes then MAP testing will begin at the beginning of May.  I have a printout in class that I will share with the students if they want showing the projected score for them on the Spring test.  There are two scores the students are trying to reach.  The first is the Norm score for the grade level and the second is their projected growth.  For example, a student scores 235 on the winter test.  That student has reached the Norm score so they do not want to go down and their projected growth may be two points so they are trying for a 237 or higher.  The Norm scores for 7th – 12th grade varies from 227-234.  Even if the students have scored below the Norm they can reach the projected growth and earn points for math class toward the final exam.  The school wide goal for the Norm is 70% of all students will reach it.

Please email me if there are any problems.